Natrol Melatonin 5 mg., 250 Fast Dissolve Tablets

100% Drug-Free Sleep Aid
Clinically Tested Ingredient
Natural Strawberry Flavor & Sweeteners
Fast Dissolve Tablets
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Product Overview

  • What is Melatonin?

    Melatonin is a key component of the body’s “sleep-wake” cycle, telling our bodies it is time to sleep. Production naturally begins when the sun sets and darkness begins, which signals the pineal gland in our brain to start producing melatonin to prepare our body for sleep.

    Aging, stress levels, diet, exercise, as well as external factors like artificial light, TV and especially blue-light emitting smart phones, tablets and computers can disrupt and minimize our body’s ability to produce melatonin.

    Supplementing with Natrol Melatonin, the #1 melatonin brand in America,* can help you establish normal sleep patterns to give you a more restful, relaxing sleep. It helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer so you can wake up refreshed.
  • Natrol Melatonin 5 mg Fast Dissolve

    • Fall asleep faster
    • Promotes more restful sleep
    • Wake up refreshed
    • 100% drug-free and non-habit forming
    • 100% Vegetarian
    • Fast-dissolve form - take anytime anywhere; no water needed
    • Great tasting strawberry flavor

    Melatonin is a nighttime sleep-aid for occasional sleeplessness.
  • Research shows that 7-9 hours of sleep per night equates to better health and performance, and plays a key role in the ability to learn, solve problems and maintain a healthy mental outlook.

  • Warning: if you are under medical supervision or using any tranquilizers or sedatives, seek the advice of your healthcare professional prior to using. Consult your physician before using if you have an autoimmune condition, depressive disorder or are pregnant or lactating. Do not take when operating machinery or driving a vehicle. People with allergies to soy, wheat, or corn should consult their healthcare professional before taking this product.


    Store in a cool dry place.  Keep out of reach of children.

  • Natrol is one of the leading brands of vitamins and supplements in the U.S., and the No. 1 selling melatonin and 5-HTP brand in America.1  Natrol’s primary mission is to help our consumers to “own their health”.

    Natrol is dedicated to creating innovative, quality products, to help you better maintain good health and thrive in your busy, modern lifestyle.


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